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Our Best-Selling Colors for Your Next Project

January 04, 2023
Author Rebecca
Whether you like subdued, neutral colors, or your style is more outspoken and expressive, the chalk style paints from Country Chic Paint are the perfect choice for your project. Our selection of 50 curated paint colors gives you exactly what you need to create any look, from hip and modern to distressed shabby chic. Here's a quick look at five of our best-selling colors!


Liquorice is our deepest black shade. It was inspired by my childhood in The Netherlands where black liquorice was a favorite of mine. Liquorice can turn any piece of furniture into an instant classic.


Starstruck is a dark, saturated blue like lapis lazuli gemstones. It’s closest to a true navy. Starstruck combines well with Belle of the Ball and Fresh Mustard, or any of the neutral colors.


Elegance is a dusty greyish blue. It’s similar to Dune Grass, but with more blue tones than green. It’s a very popular color because it’s so versatile. Elegance looks beautiful in all decor styles from shabby chic to coastal, modern farmhouse, and beyond.

Vanilla Frosting

Vanilla Frosting is a light, creamy off white, and arguably our most popular neutral. It’s warmer than Simplicity or Crinoline, but less yellow than Cheesecake. If you want to update your furniture but keep it looking classic, you can’t go wrong with Vanilla Frosting.


Simplicity is a clean, pure white. If you love crisp whites, then Simplicity is the right choice for you! Simplicity can also be used for lightening up other paint colors without muddying them, so it’s a great color to keep on hand.

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