5 Furniture Painting Mistakes You Might Be Making


There are some critical mistakes furniture painters make when they paint furniture.

To help you avoid making the same mistakes, here’s a list of what you want to avoid when painting your next project.


Mistake #1: Painting when the weather isn’t right

Did you know that the weather has a big impact on how successful your furniture painting project will turn out? When the humidity is high, your paint won’t adhere well and it can’t dry. So never paint anything when the relative humidity is over 85%.


Mistake #2: Forgetting to paint some parts

It’s easy to forget certain parts of your furniture when you’re painting a piece. Avoid this mistake and always paint the underside of a chair and the back of a dresser, so that it looks great from all sides.


Mistake #3: Painting heavy coats

No one wants their project to take forever. But painting paint coats too thickly because you don’t want to do a second coat is a bad idea. A thick coat of paint might crack and not dry properly. Two — or three — thin coats is always better than one thick coat of paint.


Mistake #4: Using the wrong tools

Never use a China bristle brush with a water-based paint if you’d like a smooth paint finish. Use a high-quality synthetic bristle brush, or better yet: a painting sponge. This will give you the smoothest finish possible.


Mistake #5: Using the wrong paint

Using a wall paint on furniture isn’t going to give you great results. Use a paint specifically formulated for furniture, such as Country Chic Paint that’s received hundreds of 5-star reviews. It makes furniture painting much easier as you don’t have to strip down the old finish first. It’s great for creating both a modern finish or a distressed farmhouse look.

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