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Bliss – A Muted Teal

June 13, 2023
Author Brittney R

Bliss boasts a subdued yet stunning teal shade. Unlike the lively tones of Whoop-de-do, it has a more delicate greenish hue and is ideal for giving your coastal cottage decor a touch of sophistication. When paired with soft grey tones like Lazy Linen or Pebble Beach, Bliss truly shines!



Blissful Beach Vibe

Check out this blended, beachy piece by Ciera at Restore Reimagined!
To achieve a similar look:
  • Sand down your piece and / or apply primer if necessary
  • Apply a lighter color (such as Vanilla FrostingSimplicity, or Crinoline) in thin coats.
  • After all coats of the light color have dried, apply Bliss on 2/3rds of the piece, blending out to the lighter color, using an angled brush. This creates a gradient effect
  • Apply a clear coat or wax depending on the desired finish and use




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