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Sage Advice – a Garden-Inspired Hue

April 10, 2023
Author Brittney R

Sage Advice is a subtle, earthy green and it looks lovely next to light natural wood tones, or soft, warm neutrals like Sunday Tea. Sage Advice is a natural looking shade that looks absolutely perfect with cottage decor. So take our “sage advice” and try this color on your next project!



A Mossy Makeover: Updating a Table using Sage Advice!

Kate at Pumpkin Seed Designs gave this little table a big makeover using Sage Advice!
We love the natural, earthy tones of Sage Advice paired with the beautiful wood top!
To achieve a similar look:
  • Sand down your piece and / or apply primer if necessary
  • Apply thin coats of Sage Advice (wait for each coat to dry before adding another)
  • Blend Lazy Linen, Driftwood, and water to create a natural-looking wash for the top (a video on creating a wash can be found here)
  • Apply a clear wax to protect the piece

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