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Color Inspiration for Luminous

October 18, 2021
Author Rebecca
Were you looking for the paint color Luminous? This is a color that has been discontinued from our standard collection. The good news is that we have created a couple of colors that are very similar to Luminous, and we hope you will love them just as much!

Yellow Wellies


Yellow Wellies is the perfect, sunflower yellow. Lighter and brighter than Fresh Mustard, this color is the ideal lemony yellow to brighten up a room. Bring an older piece to life with this joyful color, or try it with a floral stencil to brighten up any piece.


Fresh Mustard


Fresh Mustard is a bold, retro, mustard yellow that compliments mid century modern furniture fittingly. Fresh Mustard pairs excellently with Wanderess and Starstruck, for example. If you’re looking for a happy color, this is one to try.

We hope these suggestions inspire you to create your next furniture makeover with Country Chic Paint.

Happy Painting!

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