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Color Recipes for Your Next Furniture Makeover!

August 01, 2022
Author Sarah Archer

Are you looking for a certain color that doesn't quite match up with anything in our color line?

Why not try mixing your own custom hue? Below are some examples of mixed colors to help you get started!

Mulberry Jam Color Recipe


Mulberry Jam is a deep burgundy that reminds us of the delicious berry jam that grandma used to make. It’s made using 1 part Peacoat and 4 parts Cranberry Sauce! It looks great with any of our neutrals like Pebble Beach or Lazy Linen!



Winter Sky is a deep crisp grey with a hint of blue that reflects an overcast sky on a crisp winter day. It’s created using 1 part Tide Pool and 1 part Pebble Beach.

Falling Leaves is the perfect auburn orange of Fall and it’s the perfect choice for your autumn decorating projects! We’ve mixed 1 part Paint the Town and 1 part Fresh Mustard to create this stunning color.

Eucalyptus is a forest green with undertones of golden yellow. It’s a great mix of 1 part Fresh Mustard, 1 part Fancy Frock and 1 part Starstruck.

Do you have a favorite color recipe? Share it with us in the comments!


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