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Crafting your perfect wonderland

November 10, 2023
Author Brittney R

The cold, winter breeze is fast approaching, so what better way to celebrate the holiday season than by creating a charming wooden Christmas village? This delightful do-it-yourself project will not only add a touch of whimsy to your holiday decor but also provide a fun and creative outlet for your seasonal enthusiasm, and become a fun, hands-on project for you and your family to enjoy together! Gather your materials, unleash your imagination, and lets embark on a journey to craft a wooden Christmas village that will be the centerpiece of your holiday decorations.

Preparing your wooden village pieces!

Start by collecting a Variety of sizes to create different buildings. Consider using scrap wood for a rustic look. Don’t be afraid to connect blocks together to make unqiue shapes to make a visually interesting town structures such as a city hall, barn, houses, shops, and more!. Before you start to paint your villages, make sure to sand down your wood pieces to ensure a smooth surface to paint on, don’t forget to clean off any dust with a damp cloth.

Use simple materials like wooden blocks, your favorite country chic paint colors, artisic brushes, any additional winter themed decor such as small model trees, fluff, glitter, miniature people, and anything your creative mind can think of!

Painting your wooden houses!

Collect all your favorite country chic paint colors and a set of our artist brush’s and get ready to start painting on your village doors, windows, roofs and all the fun little detailed characteristics of your charming village. Some of our color choices for our magical wonderland included Simplicity, Nightfall, Cobblestone, Fireworks & Paint the town, just to name a few of our top picks!

Always make sure your work surface is prepared and ready to go before you dive into your DIY project. Place down some newspaper or a painting cloth to cover your work surface to project it from any spills. Don’t forget to get a cup of water to wash your brushes off in-between colors and dab it onto a clean paper towel or cloth to reduce the amount of water in the brush to eliminate the risk of color bleeding.

Start your village by painting on your base color, once dry, take a small artist brush and start painting on your details!

Display and Decorate your village!

Adding little trees or things you have found in your yard is a great way to accessorize your little houses. Miniature trees and other tiny details like strings of lights, or wreaths can add a lot of character to your village. To see more, be sure to check out our new Winter guide for more information!

You have successfully transformed plain wooden structures into a charming winter village! This DIY project is not only a beautiful addition to your holiday decor but also a memorable activity that embodies the spirit of the season. So unleash your creativity, involve the family, and revel in the joy of seeing your handmade village come to life.

What to see more winter themed DIY projects! Check out our Winter Guide!

Discover the magic of winter crafting with the all-new Winter Guide from Country Chic Paint! This guide provides step-by-step tutorials for creating a delightful wooden Christmas village that will become the heart of your holiday decor. From building structures to adding intricate details, the Winter Guide ensures a joyful and stress-free crafting experience. Embrace the season’s magic and let your creativity shine!


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