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teal blue blended paint dresser - ombre effect - chalk style furniture paint

Creating a Teal Blue Blended Furniture Finish with Chalk Style Paint

April 05, 2020
Author Country Chic Paint

Sometimes you just want more dimension than a flat painted furniture finish! Megan from Lubbly Jubbly Furniture is here to share her tips on how she blended three paint colors to add dimension and depth to her piece.

Hey everyone!

I hope you are all well. I haven’t blended a piece of furniture in so long and really felt the need to blend some colours together. The finish on this piece has a subtle blend of three paint colors: Jitterbug, Vanilla Frosting, and Liquorice.

First, I scuff sanded the dresser and fixed anything on the drawers that needed fixing or filling using wood filler and 220 grit sand paper.

I then cleaned the whole piece including the mirror with a vinegar and lemon solution, making sure all the dust and small particles were picked up with the paper towel.

I used my Country Chic Paint 2″ and 1.5″ oval paint brushes to apply the different colours, and to blend. I also used a spray bottle of water to help things blend smoothly.

Sometimes I like to have a base coat of paint when I blend, depending on the piece and how old it is. For this dresser, I painted two coat of Liquorice first, then lightly sanded when it was dry so I had a really smooth finish. When sanded, Country chic paint becomes so smooth, its amazing!

I then painted two coats of the color, Jitterbug and while it was drying I sprayed water on the middle of each drawer and used my small paint brush to swipe on a small amount of Vanilla Frosting. I then sprayed water over the Vanilla Frosting and used my paint brush to blend it in, leaving a highlighted area in the middle of each drawer.

I added a bit of Liquorice on the edges and legs to create a dark shadow

Once the whole piece was dry, I used my sprayer which I use mostly to spray on my topcoats. I used Clear Coat to seal this dresser. I sprayed two coats in total, allowing dry time in between. The hardware was last and I made sure my mirror was shiny and clean .

teal blue blended paint dresser - ombre effect - chalk style furniture paint

Then you have your finished piece! Thank you for reading.

Megan {Lubbly Jubbly Furniture}

Hi there, I’m Megan from Lubbly Jubbly Furniture. I grew up in the UK and came to Canada when I was 17.  I am a Mother of 4 and married to my amazing husband – this business of mine wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for him. I started painting furniture almost four years ago as a hobby grew to a real business in March of 2018. I love to restore furniture and just starting painting canvases as well. I’m really enjoying what I do and I continue to work harder and have fun while doing it!

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