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Get the Look with Crinoline – our featured color of the week!

December 26, 2022
Author Rebecca
Our first featured color for the New Year is a crisp white from our SOFT Palette called Crinoline.   Crinoline is a crisp white that is almost as pure as Simplicity but with a subtle pink undertone. It's perfect for anyone who wants a clean white that isn't too stark or too creamy.

Trash Turned Into Treasure

Sarah of Southern Rae Designs knocked it out of the park when she took this dilapidated Mid-century Modern dresser and gave it a crisp and bright makeover.


She started with a good cleaning from top to bottom, sanded it to remove all of the previous paint, added the molds and let it sit overnight.

Next, Sarah applied three coats of Crinoline with an Oval Brush over the molds and the entire piece (except for the top drawer) and sealed it with Clear Wax. For the finishing touch, she appplied two coats of Crinoline and water (50/50 mix) as a paint was on the top drawer and legs and wiped it back until she got the look she wanted.

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