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Top view of an open 16oz jar of Country Chic Chalk Style All-In-One Paint in the color Hollow Hill. Dark green.

Forest Green Painted Shutter-Door Buffet

September 14, 2022
Author admin
Abbey from Painted Home Goods took apart an old hutch to make it less bulky and more up-to-date. We love how its new look as a buffet with a new rustic green finish in the color, Hollow Hill!
This piece used to be a buffet with an attached hutch; it was cumbersome and felt dated. The entire top had to be removed to get rid of the hutch and make the piece more versatile and functional. I made a new planked wood top and gave it a rustic stained look. I had a hard time choosing a Country Chic Paint color but I settled on one of my favorite dark greens, Hollow Hill. There's something cozy about it, and green goes with so many different decor styles. With a new top, fresh coat of paint, and a gorgeous Hemp Oil sheen, this dated buffet found a new home with a family who appreciates that furniture just isn't made like it used to be anymore. Solid wood pieces, especially uniquely refinished ones, are always worth it - and, as my customers stated, actually cost significantly less! Support your local furniture refinishers and add something uniquely beautiful to your home this season!

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