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Golden Accents: Fresh Mustard, Transforming Rooms into Design Sanctuaries

November 27, 2023
Author Brittney R

Dive into a world of warmth and vibrancy as we explore the rich and inviting tones of this week’s spotlight hue. Fresh Mustard brings a burst of energy and sophistication to any space, making it the perfect choice for those looking to infuse their surroundings with a touch of contemporary charm. Discover inspiring ideas, expert tips, and creative ways to incorporate Fresh Mustard into your home decor. From accent pieces to full accent walls, this versatile color is sure to brighten and revitalize your living spaces. Join us on a journey of color exploration and design inspiration as we celebrate the radiant allure of Fresh Mustard 

Fresh Mustard is a striking and retro-inspired mustard yellow that adds a pop of bold color and personality to any space. This vibrant shade is reminiscent of the iconic designs of the mid-century modern era and is an excellent choice for adding a touch of nostalgia and vintage charm. Fresh Mustard works well with natural wood finishes, as well as dark colors like Liquorice or white accents like Simplicity for a bold contrast. From the timeless elegance of traditional styles to the sleek lines of contemporary design, Fresh Mustard plays the chameleon, adapting with grace to infuse each style with its unique charisma. Dive into our exploration of how this golden hue harmonizes with rustic farmhouse aesthetics, adding a touch of warmth to shiplap walls and reclaimed wood accents.

Uncover the secrets of pairing Fresh Mustard with mid-century modern furnishings, as it enhances the retro charm while maintaining a fresh and contemporary edge. Whether your design preference leans towards classic, modern, eclectic, or somewhere in between, Fresh Mustard emerges as the versatile canvas that enhances the beauty of your chosen style.


Painting Mason Jars!

The winter season is fast approaching, but before that happens lets take advantaged of the last bit of fall! Painting Mason jars is a DIY project that the whole family can enjoy. Painting mason jars is a delightful and budget-friendly family activity that fosters creativity. This versatile craft allows each family member to unleash their artistic flair, experimenting with various colors, patterns, and designs to personalize their jars. The affordability of mason jars makes this an accessible project, and the finished products can serve both functional and decorative purposes throughout the home. The activity promotes bonding time as family members collaborate, discuss design ideas, and share in the joy of creating unique pieces. From ombre effects to polka dots, floral designs, and geometric shapes, the possibilities for painting mason jars are endless. This hands-on project not only adds a personal touch to home decor but also provides an opportunity for family members to express themselves creatively in a fun and meaningful way.

We are here to provide guidance to make your painting project a masterpiece of both style and substance. Watch our detailed tutorial video and let us help you paint your own glass jar.

Do you find tutorial video’s helpful? Check out our Youtube Channel where we post all sorts of different tutorial videos to help make the leaning process easy! We have a large assortment of super fun and easy DIY projects, and we can help you throughout the entire process!

Get the look with Pumpkin Seed Designs!

Follow along with Meredith, as she demonstrates how to transform an outdated night stand into an updated, bold statement piece that features the paint colors Fresh Mustard!

You can achieve a similar look for your wood furniture:

  • Find the perfect furniture piece to refurbish 
  • Prep your piece by sanding it, cleaning it, and applying a Clear Bonding Primer to it 
  • Take off all the hardware and clean them before you start painting. You can replace them with new ones if desired. 
  • Apply a thin, even coat of our paint color Fresh Mustard on the drawer faces using one of our Oval brushes or a painting sponge!
  • Apply a thin, even coat of our paint Leather bound on the dressers framing using of our oval brushes or a painting sponge!
  • Allow the first coat to dry before applying a second coat to achieve a smooth finish
  • Want to add some fun patterns? try using a stencil, or free handing your one of a kind design!
  • After 24 hours, use our top coat, Clear Coat to help protect your project. 
  • Reattach your desired hardware 
  • Enjoy your new piece of furniture!

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