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Antique buffet painted in soft pastel blue/green with dark antique glaze

How to Achieve the Perfect Antique Finish | Furniture Wax vs. Glaze

August 02, 2023
Author Country Chic Paint
Would you love to give your furniture an authentically aged appearance? Or maybe you just want to make the details on your furniture pop. In this tutorial we'll help you choose the right techniques and products for your project to get exactly the look you're going for!
how to achieve the perfect antique finish on furniture - furniture wax vs glaze comparison for diy furniture painting makeovers

We get questions almost every day from DIYers just like you who are wondering how to achieve the perfect antique finish. What products should they use? What techniques are best?

So today we’ve gathered together some of our favorite images and tutorials to help you decide what will work best for your furniture flip!

Product Options for Antiquing

The two products in our line that can help you add depth and age to your finish are Glaze and Wax. While both can be used to achieve similar looks, they come in different colors and have different application techniques.


  • Formulation: All-natural oil and wax
  • Application: Apply with a wax brush or lint-free rag and buff off
  • What to use it for: Lower traffic pieces
  • What NOT to use it on: Seating surfaces – to avoid pigment rubbing off on clothing
  • Pros: Slower dry time, so it can be manipulated for longer giving you more time to perfect the look


  • Formulation: Water-based
  • Application: Apply with a paint brush and wipe away excess with a damp rag
  • What to use it for: High traffic pieces that will be sealed with Clear Coat or Tough Coat
  • What NOT to use it on: Not to be applied over oil-based products
  • Pros: Requires less effort to apply. Dries quickly.
Antiquing Wax vs. Furniture Glaze Comparison for diy furniture painting makeovers

The image above shows you the difference in color between all of our different “antiquing” products. To see even more examples over different paint colors, click here.

In this video, Rosanne will demonstrate the difference in application methods for wax vs. glaze, and she’ll also show you side-by-side how Antiquing Wax compares to Tiger’s Eye Glaze and Smoky Quartz Glaze.

If you’re painting a very high traffic project like kitchen cabinets or a dining table top that will be sealed with Clear Coat or Tough Coat, this next video is for you! Watch as Rosanne explains why Glaze is the best choice for antiquing high traffic projects.

We hope this comparison guide has been helpful for you, but if you still have any questions, please don’t hesitate to send us an email to and tell us all about your project and the look you have in mind. Our team is always happy to help!

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