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Wax Instructions: How to Apply Wax to Painted Furniture

August 17, 2023
Author Country Chic Paint
Learn the basics of how to apply any color of Country Chic Paint furniture wax to create a stunning, professional looking finish on your next furniture flip!

Your projects painted with Country Chic Paint don’t necessarily require a top coat, but you’ll get a more professional looking result if you use one of our waxes to seal your finish.

Country Chic Paint offers seven different wax colors:

The application method for all seven waxes is the same, but they each have very different looks. Read the instructions and watch our tutorial videos below to see how it’s done!

Keep in mind when using our wax that it’s 100% natural, so it might feel a little different than waxes you’ve used in the past. The first thing you’ll probably notice is that our wax is quite hard. This is because it’s free of harsh chemicals and contains only beeswax and other natural oils.

If you notice a film on top of your wax, that’s completely natural! The film will slowly develop over time and won’t effect the performance of your wax. Just peel it off the surface and continue using your wax as usual!

Step 1) Paint your piece

Hot to Apply Wax to Painted Furniture #howto #videotutorial #tutorial #furniturepainting #wax #upholstery -

Begin by applying your favorite color of Country Chic Paint to your piece. If this is your first painted furniture project, check out our tutorials on surface preparation and paint application for tips to help you get started. Make sure you let your paint fully dry (overnight is best) before you begin the waxing process.

Step 2) Apply wax

Hot to Apply Wax to Painted Furniture #howto #videotutorial #tutorial #furniturepainting #wax #upholstery -
Hot to Apply Wax to Painted Furniture #howto #videotutorial #tutorial #furniturepainting #wax #upholstery -

To apply the wax, simply push the bristles of your wax brush or lint-free rag into the wax tin and swirl it around. Apply a relatively thin coat of wax. If you apply it too thickly it will take more effort to buff and it will take much longer to cure.

If you have used other waxes before, you’ll likely notice that ours is quite different than most others on the market. Our wax doesn’t contain chemicals, whereas most other waxes do. Most people find our wax not only easier to use, but they also like that it is a completely safe product. It actually smells really nice!

Step 3) Buff your piece

Hot to Apply Wax to Painted Furniture #howto #videotutorial #tutorial #furniturepainting #wax #upholstery -

Once you’ve applied the wax you’ll use a dry, lint-free cloth to buff your surface until it no longer feels tacky. It should feel completely smooth and dry once you are done buffing your piece. If you notice it still feels sticky to the touch, keep buffing!

The full cure time for our wax is 3-4 weeks, but as long as it’s been buffed well you can begin using your piece gently after just a few days.

Step 4) Reapply every 6-12 months

Wax will slowly wear off the surface over time so we recommend applying new wax once or twice a year.

Tinted Wax Application

All of our tinted waxes can be applied in the same method as described above.

Tips for working with tinted waxes:

  • You can apply Antiquing Wax directly to your painted furniture, or if you want a more subtle effect that’s easier to blend and manipulate, apply a coat of Clear Wax first.
  • If the tinted wax look is too dark for your liking, use a bit of Clear Wax to act as an eraser to remove some of the excess color.
  • For a more natural looking finish when using darker waxes like Antiquing, Black, and Grey, concentrate the color mostly on the edges and corners of your piece.
  • Dark waxes should not be used on seating surfaces because they may stain clothing.

Sample Finishes:

To see more examples of our wax colors over different paint colors, click here!

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