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How To Glaze Your Painted Furniture For An Antique Look

August 11, 2023
Author Country Chic Paint
Learn how to use Furniture Glaze to add depth and dimension to your painted furniture for an overall aged, antique look, or just to make the beautiful details pop!

Country Chic Paint’s Furniture Glaze gives any piece of painted furniture a beautifully aged look by adding depth and dimension to the color. It will also make any detailed areas really pop! It’s eco-friendly, suitable for both indoor and outdoor projects, and dries with a matte finish.

Country Chic Paint offers six different colors of Furniture Glaze:

In this video tutorial we’ll show you our tips and tricks on how to apply Furniture Glaze to achieve a beautiful antique look.

Step 1) Paint your piece

How To Glaze Your Painted Furniture For An Antique Look

Start by painting your project with any color of Country Chic Paint. For this table, we’ve decided to go with Rocky Mountain.

Make sure you let the paint dry at least overnight before you glaze it so you know for sure it’s fully dried.

Did you know that Furniture Glaze can also be used to stain raw wood? Click here to view our tutorial on staining with glaze!

Step 2) Shake and stir your glaze

Glazing Tutorial #DIY #furniturepainting #paintedfurniture #glaze #videotutorial #tutorial #glaze -
How To Glaze Your Painted Furniture For An Antique Look

Before you open the jar, give it a good shake for about 1 minute. Then you can open the jar and stir it for another minute to make sure the ingredients are mixed well.

Step 3) Apply Glaze

How To Glaze Your Painted Furniture For An Antique Look

Take your paint brush and apply glaze onto your piece. For this piece, we decided to use Graphite.

When applying the glaze, be sure to really push it into all the nooks and crannies, and anywhere else wear and tear would naturally occur. Apply it in small sections, as it dries quickly and you want to make sure it stays workable so you can remove excess glaze later.

Step 4) Remove excess glaze

Glazing Tutorial #DIY #furniturepainting #paintedfurniture #glaze #videotutorial #tutorial #glaze -

Immediately after applying your glaze, take a damp cloth and wipe away as much glaze as you want in order to create the look you’re after.

If you realize you’ve taken off too much of the glaze, you can simply go over it again with another coat of glaze and wipe it off again to build up your coverage in layers.

That’s all there is to it. Pretty simple isn’t it?

The finished look:

Glazing Tutorial #DIY #furniturepainting #paintedfurniture #glaze #videotutorial #tutorial #glaze -

Sample Finishes:

To see more examples of our wax colors over different paint colors, click here!

Furniture Glaze can be found at many of our retailers. Call ahead for availability. If you do not have a local retailer, you can order glaze online by clicking here.

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