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How To Paint A Lampshade with Chalk Style Furniture Paint before and after photo from grey to black

How To Paint A Lampshade with Chalk Style Furniture Paint

June 06, 2024
Author Rosanne Korteland
Do you have an outdated lampshade that could use a new look? Or perhaps yours has a stain and you're not sure how to cover it up. Try painting your lampshade with chalk-style furniture paint!
Painted lampshade in grey chalk style furniture paint before

Have you ever thought about painting a lampshade? It’s so quick and easy to do! Just follow these steps:

Step 1) Spritz the fabric with water

Spraying a bit of water onto a fabric surface will help the paint glide on more smoothly, especially if your fabric is thick or textured.

Work in sections: spray an area with water, paint it, then spray the next section with water.

If you’re painting a very smooth, tight-weave fabric, you may not find this step is necessary.

Step 2) Apply a coat of paint

You can use any Country Chic Paint color for this technique. The sky’s the limit! For this example, we chose Liquorice, a pure black.

You can use any synthetic bristle paint brush for this project, but our favorite is this Oval Paint Brush.

Step 3) Apply a second coat, if required

Depending on the paint color you use and the original color of the lampshade, you may find that you’ll need a second coat to achieve fully opaque coverage.

Step 4) Paint the lamp base (optional)

If you like the lamp base as-is, go ahead and leave it that way!

For our example lamp, we chose to warm up the color of the base a bit with a coat of this muted brown color called Driftwood.

If your lamp is a spindle shape like ours, try painting it with a sponge! They apply paint so quickly and easily on tricky shapes like spindles, and you won’t get all those little brush strokes that you’d see with a traditional paint brush.

And Voila! She’s all done.

TIP: Use an LED bulb with your newly painted lampshade to avoid heat damage.

Painted lampshade in black chalk style furniture paint

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