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How To Stain Wood Furniture with Glaze

August 10, 2023
Author Country Chic Paint
You probably already know that Furniture Glaze can be used to add depth and age to your painted furniture, but did you know that our eco-friendly Furniture Glaze can also be used to stain raw wood? In this tutorial we'll show you how to add beautiful color to your wood furniture with glaze.

Step 1) Start with clean, raw wood

This technique is best for raw, natural wood. Glaze won’t be able to soak into the finish of faux wood products like laminate or melamine in the same way.

Make sure your raw wood is clean and free of saw dust. If there are any contaminants, start by giving it a good wipe down with vinegar and water before you begin.

Step 2) Apply your first coat

Don’t forget to shake and stir your jar of glaze before you dive in!

For our first coat, we chose Limestone Glaze. We like to use a Painting Sponge for this step because it applies nice smooth coats, quickly and easily. You could also use a synthetic bristle paint brush if you prefer.

Step 3) Add a second coat

Make sure you let the first coat dry for at least an hour before you start a second coat.

This step is optional, but you might decide after your first coat that you’d like more color. If that’s the case, you can apply a second coat of the same color to make it a bit darker, or try experimenting with layering multiple colors.

For this stool, we applied a second coat of Slate over top of the first coat of Limestone Glaze.

Step 4) Seal your work

This step is also optional, but if you’re glazing something that will get a little bit more wear and tear, you might like to apply Wax or Hemp Oil to add protection.

If you’re piece will be used outdoors, seal it with Clear Coat.

These examples show what each of our five pre-tinted glaze colors look like over raw wood:

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