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January: Winter color palette

January 26, 2024
Author Brittney R

Elevate your winter décor with the enchanting Winter Wonderland color palette from Country Chic Paint, a collection that captures the serene beauty of the season in every brushstroke. Immerse yourself in the soft, snowy blues that evoke the purity of frozen icicles, creating a backdrop reminiscent of frost-kissed landscapes. Unleash your creativity this winter with an array of delightful DIY projects using the charming Winter Wonderland palette from Country Chic Paint. Transform everyday items into festive wonders with the crisp whites, soft grays, and icy blues reminiscent of a winter landscape. Whether you’re upcycling furniture, reviving décor, or crafting personalized gifts, the possibilities are as endless as a snow-covered horizon.

Elegance is a sophisticated and understated dusty blue-gray color that emanates a sense of calm and tranquility. With more blue undertones than green, it’s reminiscent of a hazy summer day by the sea. Elegance works particularly well with warm wood tones and natural materials like jute and linen. For a more striking look, it can be paired with bold accent colors such as Bling Bling. Elegance is a versatile and timeless color that can add a touch of refinement to any space, and lends itself well to a range of interior design styles, from coastal to modern farmhouse.

Peacoat is a classic and striking deep navy color that brings a sense of timelessness and elegance to any space. This deeply saturated hue adds depth and richness to a room and serves as a bold statement on its own or as a grounding element when paired with brighter or bolder colors such as Paint the Town. Peacoat works well in a variety of design styles, from traditional to modern, and works particularly well with crisp whites and metallic accents.

Bling Bling is a daring, vibrant blue that catches the eye with its electric intensity. This shade is reminiscent of both cobalt and ultramarine, but with a unique twist that sets it apart from traditional primary blues. Bling Bling pairs well with crisp whites like Simplicity or contrasting yellows like Yellow Wellies. It also works well with metallic finishes such as gold or silver to add a touch of glamor.


Belle of the Ball is a charming and delicate pastel blue with subtle gray undertones that can add a touch of poise to any space. It’s a versatile color that can work with both warm and cool tones, making it perfect for any interior design style. Complementary colors such as Darling or Crinoline can create a dreamy and romantic ambiance, while bolder hues such as Peacoat can add an unexpected contrast. Belle of the Ball works beautifully with wood finishes and light-colored natural fabrics, such as linen or cotton. Belle of the Ball can also be paired with metallic finishes like gold or brass to add an elegant and sophisticated touch to any space.


Embark on a winter DIY adventure and transform your surroundings into a cozy haven with the enchanting hues of a winter palette. The soft whites, muted grays, and deep blues create a serene backdrop reminiscent of snow-covered landscapes and overcast skies. Imagine reviving worn furniture with the purity of freshly fallen snow or infusing old décor with the sophistication of icy blues. Whether you’re a seasoned DIY enthusiast or a beginner, the Winter Wonderland palette serves as a boundless source of inspiration for personalized projects.

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