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DIY Painted Jenga Set

June 30, 2023
Author Brittney R
Transform a classic Jenga set into a personalized masterpiece through the power of paint! Add a unique touch to this beloved game with your own custom designs!
Materials Needed:
  • 54 uniformly shaped wooden blocks
  • Pencil
  • Saw
  • Sandpaper
  • Paint
Step 1:

Purchase or obtain lumber boards. Ensure they are straight and free from major defects. Measure and mark 10.5-inch lengths on the boards using a measuring tape and pencil. You’ll need 54 blocks, so measure and mark accordingly.

Step 2:

Using a saw (circular saw or miter saw), cut along the marked lines to create individual 10.5-inch blocks. Take care to wear the appropriate safety gear & make straight and precise cuts for consistent-sized blocks.

Step 3:

After cutting, sand the blocks to remove any rough edges or splinters. Start with medium-grit sandpaper and smooth all sides and corners. Then, use fine-grit sandpaper to achieve a smoother finish.

Step 4:

If you want to make your set extra fun, you can add some personalization to your Jenga set by staining or painting the blocks. Allow sufficient drying time before proceeding.

Step 5:

Once the blocks are completely dry, you’re ready to play! Begin by building a tower using three blocks placed side by side in one direction, then three more blocks placed perpendicularly on top. Continue this pattern until you have a tower of 18 levels with three blocks each. Make sure the blocks are stacked straight and stable.

Step 6:

Gather friends or family and take turns removing one block at a time from any level of the tower. Carefully slide out a block using only one hand, and then place it on top of the tower to create a new level. The game continues until the tower collapses, and the last player to successfully remove and place a block wins! Remember to always prioritize safety while using tools and handling the wooden blocks. Have fun building and playing your giant Jenga set!

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