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Metallic Painted Holiday Pinecones

October 16, 2019
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Elizabeth from The Lavender Homefront spiced up some pinecones with Lucky Penny Metallic Cream to add decorative sparkle to her fall and winter home decor!

Pinecones make such a perfect holiday decoration. They are fantastic for fall but are also great for Thanksgiving, Christmas and the new year. They are neutral enough to go with almost any décor, and are also incredibly cheap. Did you know that you can also paint pinecones for an even more striking look?

I painted pinecones in Country Chic Paint’s color, Simplicity and Lucky Penny Metallic Cream. This method is extremely easy, and once dried, the pinecones can be used in homemade garlands, on wreaths, as centerpieces, or displayed in a nice vase.

The Process:

Before you begin painting, the first thing you must do is bake your pinecones. You can buy pre-baked pinecones online or at any craft store. However, if you forage for your own pinecones (like I did), they will need to be baked. This kills any bugs, mold or mildew growing in your pinecones. Make sure to clean your pinecones of debris before baking.

Bake your pinecones at 200 degrees Fahrenheit for 90 minutes. This is hot enough and long enough to kill everything mentioned, but not too hot to set the pinecones on fire!

White Washing:

Painting the pinecones white is very easy. I filled a small glass bowl with half Country Chic Paint’s Simplicity chalk style paint, and half lukewarm water. I had to make sure the paint and water was mixed well. You want the paint to be pretty thin so that the it can easily coat the pinecone. I dipped the baked pinecones into the paint and twirled them around until the pinecones were coated well.

After removing the pinecones, I had some areas that weren’t coated in paint. I used Country Chic Paint’s Artist Brushes to paint the little nooks and crannies that weren’t coated all that well. I then laid the pinecones on a piece of cardboard and let them dry overnight. By morning, they should be dry enough to use for decoration purposes!

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Painted in Lucky Penny metallic cream:

To paint the pinecones with Country Chic Paint’s Lucky Penny, I simply used an artist brush and painted each little part of the pinecone.

This is fairly straightforward, but definitely a little time consuming. Because of that, I chose to only paint six pinecones, and the pinecones I painted were pretty small. I think any metallic cream would be beautiful, but I loved Lucky Penny because the color matched and complimented the natural color of the pinecones, making it easy to cover and mistakes weren’t noticeable.

I allowed to pinecones to dry overnight. Once dried, they were ready to use as decorative pieces. The gorgeous copper tones matched both my Christmas decorations and all my fall decorations, allowing me to use them throughout the entire holiday season!

Decorating with Pinecones:

These two colors look great next to a natural colored pinecone. I specifically used these pinecones in a garland that I made that now hangs over my fireplace. As you can see, the colors really pop and you don’t need a ton of the painted pinecones to create a really pretty decorative display.

Elizabeth {The Lavender Homefront}

Hi I’m Elizabeth, wife and full time mom of 4 littles. My hobbies include thrifting, upcycling furniture, restoring foreclosed homes, gardening and cooking from scratch! I strive to live sustainably in the heart of the suburbs.

My family and I live in Colorado Springs, CO where the weather is bi-polar and I have tons of indoor time to transform secondhand furniture into beautiful pieces. I absolutely love taking the tired, torn and trashed, and, with the stroke of a brush, giving each piece a second chance!

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