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Mini Bookcase Gets a Modern Makeover

March 20, 2020
Author Country Chic Paint

This pretty, mini bookcase got a modern makeover by Elizabeth from The Lavender Homefront with the color, Soiree and Clear Coat.

A close friend of mine loved this bookcase but really wasn’t crazy about the older, 1950’s look of the wood.

taupe greige bookcase painted with chalk style paint

She had asked me to find a nice beige to paint it. I wanted a beige that looked nice but wasn’t too dark or overwhelming, because this bookcase sits in her dining room, where all the other wood is fairly light. I landed on Country Chic Paint’s color called Soiree and I’m so happy that this is the color I ended up choosing. 

Soiree - Light beige chalk style furniture paint from country chic paint

Preparing the Bookcase

This bookcase was in excellent condition, aside from a few scratches. So all it really needed was a wash with mild soap and water. I also lightly sanded the piece with a sanding block because it ensures good adherence of the paint. 

Painting the Bookcase 

Soiree is a very light beige and, in certain lighting, can almost look off-white. However, that slight bit of brown provides great coverage. I did one coat of paint using Country Chic’s Short Handled Brush and there was very little bleed through.

After allowing the first coat of paint to dry, I applied a second coat of paint. The second coat really didn’t require much paint because this color covers so well. Soiree really makes the furniture piece look flawless. If I were to describe this color, I would describe it as elegant. It leaves the furniture looking clean, but the subtle brown tone gives it warmth. 

taupe greige bookcase painted with chalk style paint

Once the two layers of paint had dried completely, I then searched the bookcase for any areas I needed to spot treat. The tiny spindles on the front of the bookcase were hard to paint, and I needed to use Country Chic’s Artist Brushes to really get in there and ensure they were completely painted. 


I chose to minimally distress this piece, just around the edges to get them to pop a little when you looked at the bookcase. It’s not even noticeable in the picture, but in person it really makes the bookcase pop. This took no time at all, and after I had removed any dust from distressing, I was ready to seal the piece.

taupe greige bookcase painted with chalk style paint

Sealing the Paint

I chose the seal this bookcase in Country Chic’s Clear Coat. Clear coat is easy to apply and allows for a bit more protection than wax. Clear coat also provides a nice sheen, that brightens up this bookcase even more.  Because it’s such a small piece, I really wanted this little bookcase to shine.  

As with the paint, the spindles were the most difficult part to clear coat. I ended up using a tiny foam brush to get into the hard to reach areas of the bookcase.

taupe greige bookcase painted with chalk style paint

I did two coats of clear coat and allowed it to dry for 24 hours before staging it for photos. I love how simple, yet elegant, this little bookcase ended up becoming.

taupe greige bookcase painted with chalk style paint

Soiree is a new favorite color of mine! I’m eager to see how my friend decorates this piece in her home and hope she loves the transformation as much as I do!

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Leave a comment below to tell us what you think of the beige makeover this little bookcase got!

Elizabeth {The Lavender Homefront}

Hi I’m Elizabeth, wife and full time mom of 4 littles. My hobbies include thrifting, upcycling furniture, restoring foreclosed homes, gardening and cooking from scratch! I strive to live sustainably in the heart of the suburbs.

My family and I live in Colorado Springs, CO where the weather is bi-polar and I have tons of indoor time to transform secondhand furniture into beautiful pieces. I absolutely love taking the tired, torn and trashed, and, with the stroke of a brush, giving each piece a second chance!

Make sure to follow Elizabeth on her blog, The Lavender Homefront. You can also find her on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter!

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