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How to Paint Gold Dipped Furniture

In this tutorial, company co-founder, Rosanne will teach you how you can make your furniture look like it's been dipped in gold!

Step 1) Let your paint coat dry

Make sure you allow your paint to dry for a minimum of 12 hours before you start adding any kind of accents. If your work space is cold or particularly humid, you'll definitely want to wait even longer so your paint coats have plenty of time to dry all the way through.

Step 2) Tape off each leg

Use a measuring tape to measure a few inches up each leg. We chose to measure 4 inches up each leg, but you could do more or less as long as each leg is measured to the same length. Use a pencil to make a few light marks around each leg at the correct height.

Wrap a piece of yellow Frog Tape around each leg just a hair above the pencil marks. Make sure you leave the pencil marks visible so you can cover them up in the upcoming steps.

Step 3) Apply a base coat of color

If you want to achieve an opaque metallic finish, we recommend first applying a base coat of paint that is similar to the metallic color you've chosen. Since we're working with Pocket Watch metallic cream in this case (gold), we chose Fresh Mustard which is a golden yellow paint color.

You can skip this step if you wish, but it helps to speed up the process so your piece needs less coats of Metallic Cream.

Let your piece dry at this stage for 1-2 hours until fully dry.

Step 4) Apply 1-2 coats of Metallic Cream

With either a foam brush or a synthetic bristle paint brush, apply one coat of Metallic Cream to each leg. If you need to apply a second coat, make sure you let the first dry for half an hour to an hour first. Once you're happy with the finish, gently peel off the painter's tape.