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Pebble Beach: Your Passport to a West Coast, Country-Chic Retreat!

October 05, 2023
Author Brittney R

Picture this: you’re sitting in your cozy living room, sipping your favorite beverage, and admiring the serene, elegant ambiance around you. Wondering how to make this daydream a reality? Well, Country Chic Fans, it’s time to introduce you to the paint color of the week that’s causing quite a stir in the interior design world – Pebble Beach. Get ready to embark on a journey through the world of chic, tranquil interiors, all thanks to this delightful shade.

Pebble Beach is a calming mid-tone gray that works well with a variety of interior design styles, including modern, contemporary, rustic, and traditional. Pebble Beach pairs best with natural finishes such as wood and stone, and complements soft and muted tones like pale blues like Elegance, and pinks like Ooh La La, as well as deeper shades of gray like Rocky Mountain.

Pebble Beach is a truly versatile and enchanting paint color that can elevate any room in your home. Its timeless elegance, tranquil aura, and adaptability make it an exceptional choice for those looking to refresh their living spaces. Whether you’re embarking on a major renovation project or simply want to breathe new life into your decor, Pebble Beach is a hue that promises sophistication, style, and serenity. Don’t miss the chance to explore the beauty of Pebble Beach and experience the magic it can bring to your home.


Spooktacular Pumpkin Decorating: Carving-Free Halloween Ideas! ?

Are you ready to transform your pumpkins into bewitching works of art without picking up a carving knife? This week we’re sharing creative and no-carve ways to make your Halloween pumpkins shine. From elegant painted designs to whimsical character-inspired creations, discover DIY techniques that will cast a spell of enchantment on your seasonal décor. Whether you’re a crafting pro or just looking for a family-friendly activity, our tips and tricks will help you conjure up pumpkin perfection. Join us for a pumpkin-decorating adventure that’s a real treat, minus the trick! ??

Want to lean more about how you can create your own decorative pumpkins this season? Check out this specially made tutorial video where we guide you step by step throughout the process of Painting and styling your own pumpkins! In this video we will show you how to paint pumpkins in 3 different fun styles!

  1. Learn how to wet distress to create a spooky, and rustic looking pumpkin!
  2. Learn how to get creative and trust your instincts when painting a fun, playful pattern on your pumpkin!
  3. Learn the style technique of gradient, blend your two favorite colors together to create a ombre style Pumpkin

Also Check out our Youtube Channel where we post all sorts of different tutorial videos to help make the leaning process easy!

Get the look with LittleCityFarmHouse

Dreaming of furniture that tells a story? Learn the secrets of painting and reburnishing with Cait Miller

You can achieve a similar look for your wood furniture:

  • Find the perfect furniture piece to refurbish 
  • Prep your piece by sanding it, cleaning it, and applying a Clear Bonding Primer to it 
  • Take off all the hardware and clean them before you start painting. You can replace them with new ones if desired. 
  • Apply a thin, even coat of our paint color Pebble Beach Using one of our Oval brushes or a painting sponge!
  • Allow the first coat to dry before applying a second coat to achieve a smooth finish
  • Want to add some character? try the Wet Distressing technique to get that rustic look!
  • After 24 hours, use our top coat, Clear Coat to help protect your project 
  • Reattach your desired hardware 
  • Enjoy your new piece of furniture!

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