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Refurbished and painted navy blue dresser - diy home decor furniture painting project with Country Chic Paint

Refurbished and Painted Navy Blue Dresser

August 17, 2019
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This stunning, navy blue dresser was painted by Faye from Farm Life Best Life with the color, Peacoat and Antiquing Wax!
"I'm heading out to my happy place!"

Words to my family when I'm headed for my loft, where I run my creative furniture restoration business.  A space my hubs so lovingly lets me use; alongside his very busy farm shop.

A happy place indeed it is — where much happy dancing occurs!  My creative outlet and ultimate form of therapy!  I simply adore finding vintage and antique furniture that I can transform and restore into unique, charming pieces for both me and YOU!  Doing my part to love our planet — one piece of furniture at a time!

This pre-loved and oh-so-charming 'lady' was my most recent happy dance project:

Refurbished and painted navy blue dresser - diy home decor furniture painting project with Country Chic Paint

My happy dancing process:

  • Removed wooden hardware knobs ~ with plans to replace with a far more charming set
  • Sadly removed original caster wheels  ~ 2 of the 4 were unfortunately broken
  • Heavily sanded down quarter-cut oak top ~ in preparation for a two-toned transformation... the finish was so deteriorated that stripping wasn't required 
  • Lightly sanded down drawers and body ~ to best prepare for furniture paint adhesion
  • Removed drawer bottoms and replaced with new  ~ far too much damage to maintain
  • Vacuumed and cleaned ~ final prep before the real fun begins
  • Applied 2 coats of Country Chic Paint All-In-One Decor Paint in the colour Peacoata VERY dark and exquisite navy blue
  • Lightly sanded drawers and body ~ for the farmhouse distressed look I personally adore
  • Applied Country Chic Paint Antiquing Wax to the drawers and body ~ to accentuate the charm, add some aging depth, and for light protection
  • Conditioned, stained and varnished top with Minwax products ~ nothing but the best for this quarter sawn oak top
  • Purchased and installed new concave drawer stops from RedPosie Furniture ~ an Etsy Shop that I was elated to find... I've been looking for concaves for EVA
  • Installed shims on drawer glides ~ to aid and ease opening/closing drawers
  • Purchased and installed new hardware from Lee Valley ~ aged brass ring pulls that were clearly meant for this piece

A moderately sized piece, well-suited for any space!  What a charming statement piece 'she' will undoubtedly make in your home or cottage!  An antique 3-drawer chest charmed with new brass ring pulls that were clearly made just for ‘her’!  A two-toned restoration with a stained/varnished quarter sawn oak top; bowed with lovely curved edging.  Heart pitter pattering farmhouse charm!

Faye {Farm Life Best Life}

Hi I’m Faye ~ Farm Wife, Mom, Web Designer, and Shabby Farmhouse Chic Furniture/Decor Hobbyist. I have been blessed with a life of simple living, generous loving, and constant learning — my farm life best life. I spend my late nights (and every spare moment I can find) restoring and transforming furniture & decor from sad and bleak to shabby and chic! Filling OUR home, and creating pieces for YOU with country chic character and sweet imperfections!

Make sure to follow Faye on her blog, Farm Life Best Life. You can also find her on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook!

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