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Say it loud, say it proud – Raspberry Sorbet, the color that speaks your language.

December 08, 2023
Author Brittney R

Raspberry Sorbet is the paint color that’s here to redefine your home and uplift your spirits! Picture waking up to walls infused with the vibrant energy of Raspberry Sorbet, transforming your space into a haven of joy. This bold and playful hue goes beyond aesthetics; it’s a mood lifter that turns ordinary rooms into extraordinary sanctuaries.

What makes Raspberry Sorbet truly remarkable is its incredible versatility across different interior styles. Whether you’re a fan of modern, bohemian, coastal, eclectic, or minimalist, this color seamlessly integrates into your vision. Raspberry Sorbet adapts, enhances, and complements, allowing you to express your unique style with confidence.

Raspberry Sorbet is a striking and modern deep pink color that brings an air of femininity and playfulness to any space. This vibrant and vivacious hue was inspired by the refreshing taste of raspberry sorbet on a hot summer day. This bold color is complemented beautifully by rich brown tones like Leather Bound, adding warmth and depth to the space. Additionally, it complements other bright and bold colors such as Bling Bling or Whoop De-Do, creating an eclectic and energetic atmosphere. Raspberry Sorbet is versatile and eye-catching, making it a great choice for a range of interior design styles, from bohemian to contemporary. Raspberry Sorbet pairs well with finishes like sleek metallics such as brushed nickel or brass, as well as warm natural materials like wood or rattan.


Painting A Metal Lantern

Bring new life to your old metal lantern by giving it a rustic and distressed charm using the magic of Country Chic Paint products. Elevate your home decor with this DIY project that combines creativity and practicality.

Select Country Chic Paint colors that resonate with your style. Whether it’s a vintage-inspired palette or a bold, modern twist, the extensive range of hues ensures your lantern will be a unique reflection of your taste. For optimal results, use Country Chic Paint’s Clear Bonding Primer to ensure your chosen colors adhere seamlessly to the metal surface. This step not only enhances adhesion but also sets the stage for a more durable and long-lasting finish. Apply your chosen Country Chic Paint colors using a high-quality brush or sponge, ensuring an even coat that covers your lantern beautifully. Distress your lantern by focusing on edges, corners, and areas that would naturally wear over time for an authentic, weathered appearance. Once your lantern is dry, place your favorite candle or LED light inside and watch as the distressed metal lantern transforms your space with a warm and inviting glow.

We have made a step-by-step video tutorial to help guide you through the process of painting and distressing a metal lantern using our products! Our Youtube channel is full of helpful tips and tricks for all sorts of fun DIY projects. Let us help you complete your project with ease!

Get the look with Brushed by Maddie

Follow along with Madelyn, as she demonstrates how to transform an outdated night stand into an updated, bold statement piece that features the paint color Raspberry Sorbet!

You can achieve a similar look for your wood furniture:

  • Find the perfect furniture piece to refurbish 
  • Prep your piece by sanding it, cleaning it, and applying a Clear Bonding Primer to it 
  • Take off all the hardware and clean them before you start painting. You can replace them with new ones if desired. 
  • Apply a thin, even coat of our paint color Raspberry Sorbet on the drawer faces using one of our Oval brushes or a painting sponge!
  • Allow the first coat to dry before applying a second coat to achieve a smooth finish
  • Want to add some fun patterns? Try using a stencil, or free handing your one of a kind design!
  • After 24 hours, use our top coat, Clear Coat to help protect your project. 
  • Reattach your desired hardware 
  • Enjoy your new piece of furniture!

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