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Soiree taupe serpentine painted dresser (1)

Soft Taupe Serpentine Dresser Transformation

January 14, 2020
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Megan from Lubbly Jubbly Furniture chose this sweet serpentine dresser as her very first furniture painting makeover in 2020! Read her blog post to learn all about her surface prep, painting, and sealing process.

Hope you are all having a great start to the New Year! I have got quite a few pieces in this year already and I can’t wait to get started on them.

My first piece this year was this beautiful, small dresser with curvy top drawers that gave it awesome character.

At first I didn’t know what to do with it, I couldn’t decide on a colour. If you have ever taken a look on Country Chic Paint colour selection, you'll see picking a colour is so hard. There are so many beautiful colours to choose from! I ordered a few that I hadn’t tried before, one of which was called Soiree. I fell in love with this gorgeous colour and I think you’ll agree when you see it.

First off, I lightly sanded my dresser so that the previous gloss was removed, then I cleaned it with a vinegar-water solution. This dresser is vintage and I usually keep the original hardware, but the pulls that came with it were a little flimsy, so I used a set of catalog drawer pulls which I knew would match this piece. I used wood filler to fill in the holes where the new handles would go, but I left the single holes open as I was keeping the drawer knobs for the top drawers. Once the wood filler is set and dry I sanded them down flat.

When this was done it was ready to be painted. I gave the whole piece 2 coats of primer, leaving a few hours in between for dry time. Then I applied 3 coats of paint. Country Chic Paint goes along way and has great coverage, so it only took one pint!

Soiree taupe serpentine painted dresser (1)

Once I had painted the third coat, I let it settle for a few hours. I then marked out where my new handles would go and drilled new holes making sure I didn’t drill where I had previously filled.

I then sealed the dresser with two coats of Clear Coat. You can apply Clear Coat with a painting sponge, paint brush or a sprayer.

Soiree taupe serpentine painted dresser (1)

Once it was sealed, I attached the hardware and lined the drawers with wallpaper.

Soiree taupe serpentine painted dresser (1)

Soiree taupe serpentine painted dresser (1)

Voila it was done!

Soiree taupe serpentine painted dresser (1)

I hope this helps you in creating something of your own. Thank you for reading!

Soiree taupe serpentine painted dresser (1)

Megan {Lubbly Jubbly Furniture}

Hi there, I'm Megan from Lubbly Jubbly Furniture. I grew up in the UK and came to Canada when I was 17. I am a Mother of 4 and married to my amazing husband - this business of mine wouldn't exist if it weren't for him. I started painting furniture almost four years ago as a hobby grew to a real business in March of 2018. I love to restore furniture and just starting painting canvases as well. I'm really enjoying what I do and I continue to work harder and have fun while doing it! Make sure to follow Megan on her blog. You can also find her on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest!

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