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Stencilling Tutorial

April 30, 2023
Author Country Chic Paint
Do you love the idea of adding images and text onto your projects but find it a bit intimidating? Let us help you get started with this tutorial! Watch this video to see Rosanne's tips for using stencils on painted furniture.

Step 1) Apply your stencil

With a small stencil like this, you can just hold it down with your hand. However, for larger projects, we suggest using either some painters tape or spray adhesive.

Step 2) Load your brush with paint

We recommend using one of our wax brushes for stencilling, as they make great stencil brushes, but you can also use a foam stencil brush or a dense foam roller (for larger projects, such as walls).

Load a little bit of paint on the tip of your brush and then dab it dry on a piece of paper towel. One of the most important things to keep in mind with stencilling is that you want to use a brush that is almost dry.

Step 3) Dab paint onto your stencil

Now you are going to apply the paint to your stencil. You can either pounce the brush lightly, or use a light swirl, a technique we thinks works best with a brush. Make sure you don’t apply too much pressure. It’s better to slowly build up your paint coat and take your time. This helps to avoid bleeding underneath the stencil.

Step 4) Remove your stencil

Immediately after applying paint, carefully remove the stencil and there you go: all done!

If there is a bit of bleed through that you don’t like, you can take a small artist brush to touch it up a bit.

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