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Top 10 Paint Colors for Furniture


Deciding what paint color to use on a piece of furniture isn’t something that you should be losing sleep over. Still, it can be challenging to decide, and until you pick a color you can’t get started.

So we thought we’d create a list of popular colors to make picking a paint color for your furniture project a breeze.

With this list of dark and light neutrals, and some pops of color, you’ll be off to paint that piece of furniture in no-time!


Color pick #1: Vanilla Frosting

You can never go wrong with Vanilla Frosting. This off-white is one of the most popular paint colors.


Color pick #2: Sunday Tea

If you want a neutral that isn’t white, Sunday Tea is a color you just have to try. It’s a gorgeous warm neutral that won’t disappoint.


Color pick #3: Starstruck

For a gorgeous navy blue, Starstruck, is a color you should see for yourself.


Color pick #4: Elegance + Color pick #5: Lazy Linen

Elegance and Lazy Linen are stunning by themselves, but don’t you just love how gorgeous they look in combination?


Color pick #6: Jitterbug

For some color, try this beautiful teal called Jitterbug.


Color pick #7: Ooh La La

Blush pinks are all the rage, and Ooh La La is a color that we know is going to be a huge hit.


Color pick #8: Liquorice

Black furniture with or without distressed edges looks super classy. Every home can use a piece painted in the color Liquorice.


Color pick #9: Whoop-de-do

Add a little splash of vibrant color to spice things up! Whoop-de-do is calling your name.


Color pick #10: Simplicity

A timeless pure white will never go out-of-date. Try Simplicity if you love white whites.

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