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Top view of an open 16oz jar of Country Chic Chalk Style All-In-One Paint in the color Wanderess. Deep sea green.

Wanderess – A Captivating Deep Sea Green Chalk Style Furniture Paint

March 14, 2023
Author Rebecca
Wanderess is a captivating, deep sea green color. It's in a similar color family as Jitterbug, but lighter. It makes us feel like taking off our shoes and wandering through an enchanted forest.

Get the Look with Pumpkin Seed Designs and Wanderess

Meredith of Pumpkin Seed Designs found these vintage Drexel nightstands and knew exactly how she wanted to highlight the burled grain tops!

She sanded the tops back to the raw wood and gave them a paint wash using a custom mix of Sunday Tea and Simplicity.

Meredith painted the bases in our deep sea green color – Wanderess – using a 1.5″ Oval Brush.

She also used Hemp Oil to condition the inside of the drawers and give them a fresh, new finish.

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