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When and How to Use Primer

August 13, 2023
Author Country Chic Paint
If you've ever tried to refurbish a surface that doesn't want to accept paint such as laminate, metal, or oil-based finishes, you'll know how frustrating it can be to make sure the paint adheres and won't peel off. In this tutorial we'll show you our tips & tricks to getting great adhesion every time!

Our Clear Bonding Primer is an environmentally-conscious preparation product designed to be used when painting a challenging surface.

When to Use Clear Bonding Primer

If you’re working with a tricky surface that you’re worried the paint won’t adhere to well, the best place to start is to do a scratch test. Some tricky surfaces include materials like glass, smooth metal, laminate, or wood that has been painted or stained with oil-based products.

To perform a test, paint a few small patches on your piece and leave it to dry for 24 hours. Now you can give it a scratch with your fingernail to see if the paint has adhered well or if it peels off easily. If your piece is peeling then a coat of Primer will likely be the easiest way to proceed!

If you’d like to learn some more about surface prep and how we recommend tackling various furniture finishes, click here.

PLEASE NOTE: Clear Bonding Primer does not block bleed-through from tannins or nicotine.

How to Apply Clear Bonding Primer

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When and How to Use Primer

If you’ve determined that Primer will be the best way to proceed with your project, then start by making sure your piece is nice and clean (a mild vinegar/water solution works wonderfully). Shake and stir your jar of Primer well, then apply one coat with a synthetic bristle paint brush.

Allow the Primer to sit for several hours until it’s completely dry, then continue painting as usual! You’ll notice that our Primer is completely clear so you won’t lose the beautiful look of natural wood if you decide to distress your piece.

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