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Flatlay of assorted furniture paint brushes with Country Chic Paint brush soap bottle and wood bead garland

What Type of Paint Brush To Use For Furniture Painting with Chalk Style Paint

May 22, 2024
Author Brittney R
Welcome to our comprehensive guide to selecting the perfect brush for your painting projects! Whether you're a seasoned furniture painter or just starting out, choosing the right brush can make all the difference in achieving professional-quality results. In this article, we'll delve into the unique features of each of our brushes, outlining which projects they're best suited for and why we recommend them.

Join us as we explore the versatility of our brushes, highlighting their key attributes and providing insights into why they're indispensable additions to any painter's toolkit. Whether you're embarking on detailed furniture refinishing, intricate art projects, or tackling tight corners and edges, our brushes are here to ensure your creative vision comes to life with ease and finesse. Let's dive in and discover the perfect brush for your next masterpiece!

In this article we’ll deep-dive into the specialties of each type of Country Chic Paint brush. Click one of these links to jump straight to that section:

Why Choose Our Synthetic-Bristle Brushes?

When it comes to pairing your painting projects with the perfect brushes, we advocate for synthetic bristle brushes, especially when using Country Chic Paint products. Here’s why:

  • Smooth Application: Natural bristles absorb water, so when they’re used with a water-based product like our All-in-One Paint, the bristles will flare and become too soft to paint effectively. Synthetic bristles help create a smooth finish with minimal brush strokes, ensuring your work looks professional and polished.
  • Easy to Clean: Our synthetic bristle brushes can be effortlessly cleaned with our eco-friendly Brush Soap, ensuring maintenance is a breeze and extending the longevity of your brushes.
  • Great Control: The smooth bristles offer exceptional control, enabling you to achieve clean lines and consistent finishes. Whether you’re painting intricate details or bold designs, our brushes make the process effortless.
  • Long-Lasting and Cruelty-Free: Crafted to withstand the test of time, our synthetic bristle brushes are durable and cruelty-free, devoid of any animal products. Paint with peace of mind, knowing your tools are ethically sourced.

Experience the difference that synthetic bristle brushes make in your painting endeavors with Country Chic Paint products. Choose quality, choose ease, choose sustainability – choose Country Chic Paint’s synthetic bristle brushes for your next project!

Tips to Paint the Smoothest Finish Possible

  1. Use the Right Brush: We’ve already discussed why synthetic bristle brushes are best for chalk-style paint above. Further down in this article we’ll go into exactly which style of brush to choose for your specific project.
  2. Paint in Thin Layers: Instead of applying thick coats of paint, opt for thin, even layers. This not only helps achieve a smoother finish but also allows for better control and faster drying times. Multiple thin layers also reduce the risk of drips, runs, and brush marks.
  3. Long, Smooth Brush Strokes: Use long, smooth strokes rather than short, uneven ones to create the smoothest finish possible with minimal texture.
  4. Work in Sections: Break down larger projects into manageable sections and focus on one area at a time. This approach helps maintain consistency and prevents paint from drying too quickly or unevenly.
  5. Keep a Wet Edge: To avoid creating texture, do not let your brush stroke overlap with an area that has already started to tack up. Always make sure the edge you’re painting against is still wet.
  6. Avoid Overworking: Once you have applied your paint, glaze, top coat, etc. do not go over the same area repeatedly. The more you go over a section, the more you’ll create texture as it starts to tack up.

For more in-depth furniture painting instructions, click here.

Oval Paint Brush: Your New Go-To Tool

The Oval Paint Brush is crafted with densely-packed, synthetic bristles, ensuring excellent paint coverage with minimal brush strokes. Available in two convenient sizes, 1.5” and 2”, this top-of-the-line brush is versatile enough for just about any painting project.

Here’s Where the Oval Paint Brush Shines:

  1. Furniture Refinishing: Whether you’re updating an old dresser, reviving a tired table, or giving a second life to a forgotten chair, our Oval Paint Brush offers superior coverage and smooth application, ensuring a flawless finish on all your furniture refinishing projects.
  2. Cabinet Makeovers: Transform your kitchen or bathroom cabinets with ease using our Oval Paint Brush. Its versatile size and shape make it perfect for applying paint to cabinet doors, drawers, and frames, providing even coverage and professional-looking results.
  3. Decorative Accents: Add decorative flair to your home decor projects with our Oval Paint Brush. From painting intricate patterns and designs on walls to creating custom artwork on canvases, this brush offers excellent control and precision for all your decorative painting needs.
  4. DIY Crafts: Whether you’re painting wooden signs, crafting handmade gifts, or sprucing up DIY home accessories, our Oval Paint Brush is an essential tool in your crafting arsenal. Its durable bristles and smooth application make it perfect for a wide range of DIY craft projects.
  5. Large Surface Painting: Tackle large-scale painting projects with ease using our Oval Paint Brush. This brush holds more paint than traditional flat brushes, reducing the need for frequent reloading and speeding up your painting process.
  6. Outdoor Projects: Take your painting projects outdoors with confidence using our Oval Paint Brush. Whether you’re refreshing your deck, painting outdoor furniture, or adding a pop of color to your garden decor, this brush is up to the task, delivering superior coverage and lasting results in any weather conditions.

Key Features of the Oval Paint Brush

  • Long-Lasting, Synthetic Bristles: Durable and resilient, ensuring a longer lifespan for the brush.
  • Two Convenient Sizes: Available in 1.5” and 2” sizes, perfect for various project needs.
  • Effortless Painting: Designed to make painting quick and easy, providing a smooth, professional finish.
  • Superior Paint Holding: Holds more paint than flat-edged brushes, reducing the need for frequent reloading.
  • Minimized Brush Strokes: Reduces the appearance of brush strokes, giving your projects a clean, polished look.

The Oval Paint Brush is a must-have for all projects and makes for a great addition for any painting toolkit!. With superior coverage, ethical materials, and thoughtful design, it’s the perfect addition to any painter’s collection.

Short-Handle Angled Paint Brush: Precision and Convenience

Short-Handle Paint Brushes are equipped with high-quality nylon bristles that ensure smooth and consistent paint application. With a flat, angled edge and a short handle, these brushes are ideal for painting in tight areas such as drawers, cabinet shelves, and the undersides of furniture.

Here’s Where the Short-Handle Angled Paint Brush excels:

  1. Edging: Achieve clean and precise lines when painting trims and edges with our Short-Handle Angled Paint Brushes. The angled edge allows for easy maneuverability and accuracy, ensuring professional-looking results every time.
  2. Cabinet Interiors: Reach into tight spaces and corners when painting cabinet interiors with our Short-Handle Angled Paint Brushes. Their compact size and angled design make them perfect for navigating confined areas, ensuring thorough coverage and a flawless finish.
  3. Stencil Work: Create intricate stencil designs on walls, furniture, or craft projects with our Short-Handle Angle Paint Brushes. The angled edge allows for precise placement and easy blending of stencil patterns, making it simple to achieve professional-looking results with minimal effort.
  4. Touch-Ups and Spot Painting: Quickly and efficiently touch up small imperfections or paint spots with our Short-Handle Angle Paint Brushes. Their short handle and angled bristles make them perfect for spot painting and touch-ups, allowing you to maintain the overall integrity of your painted surfaces with ease.
  5. Detailing and Faux Finishes: Add depth and dimension to your painting projects with our Short-Handle Angle Paint Brushes. Whether you’re creating faux finishes like wood grain or marble, or adding decorative accents to furniture or walls, these brushes offer the precision and control needed to achieve realistic and visually striking results.

Key Features of the Short-Handle Angle Paint Brush

  • Long-Lasting, Synthetic Bristles: Durable and designed to maintain their shape, ensuring consistent performance over time.
  • Three Convenient Sizes: Available in 1.5”, 2”, and 2.5” sizes, providing versatility for various painting tasks.
  • Ideal for Confined Spaces: The flat, angled edge and short handle make these brushes perfect for reaching into tight, awkward areas where standard brushes may struggle.
  • Cruelty-Free: Made entirely from synthetic materials, aligning with ethical standards and avoiding the use of animal products.

Upgrade your painting toolkit with these Short-Handle Angle Paint Brushes and experience the precision and convenience they bring to your projects. Whether you’re working on detailed furniture pieces or painting in tight spaces, these brushes are designed to meet your needs with ease and efficiency.

Unleash Your Creativity with These Artist Paint Brushes

These Artist Paint Brushes are designed to provide exceptional control and precision, allowing you to achieve smooth, detailed finishes on your projects. Each set includes five brushes in various shapes and sizes, giving you the versatility to tackle any artistic challenge.

What’s Included in the Set?

  • #4 Angle Brush: Ideal for precise lines and edges.
  • #6 Angle Brush: Great for sharp, clean details.
  • #8 Flat Brush: Perfect for broad strokes and filling in larger areas.
  • 1/2″ Filbert Brush: Excellent for blending and creating soft edges.
  • 3/4″ Filbert Brush: Versatile for both broad strokes and detailed work.

Here’s Where Artist Paint Brushes Excel:

  1. Detailed Furniture Painting: Whether you’re adding intricate designs or painting delicate details on furniture pieces, the angled paint brush provides the precision and control you need. From floral motifs to intricate patterns, these brushes make it easy to achieve stunning results on detailed furniture pieces.
  2. Canvas Painting: Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist, our Artist Paint Brushes set is perfect for creating beautiful paintings on canvas. From landscapes to portraits, these brushes offer exceptional control and precision, allowing you to achieve stunning results with ease.
  3. Fine Art and Illustration: Elevate your fine art and illustration projects with our Artist Paint Brushes set. Whether you’re sketching, outlining, or adding intricate details to your artwork or furniture, these brushes provide the precision and versatility needed to bring your creative vision to life.
  4. Mixed Media Art: Unleash your creativity and experiment with mixed media techniques using our Artist Paint Brushes set. Whether you’re combining acrylics with collage, adding ink details to watercolor paintings, or incorporating pastels into your artwork, these brushes offer the versatility and precision needed to work with a variety of mediums.
  5. Miniature Painting: Dive into the world of miniature painting with our Artist Paint Brushes set. These brushes are perfect for painting tiny details on miniatures, models, and figurines, allowing you to add intricate designs and subtle highlights with ease.
  6. Decorative Crafts: Add artistic flair to your decorative crafts and DIY projects with our Artist Paint Brushes set. Whether you’re painting furniture, embellishing home decor items, or creating handmade gifts, these brushes offer the precision and control needed to achieve professional-looking results.

Key Features of Artist Brushes

  • Synthetic Bristles: Ideal for water-based paint to create a smooth finish with no brush strokes
  • Great Control: Smooth bristles allow you to create clean lines and a consistent finish
  • Long-lasting, synthetic bristles (no animal products)
  • 5 different sizes and shapes allow for versatile paint application
  • No Shedding: High quality bristles means you won’t have to constantly pull bristles out of your paint.

Achieve Perfect Finishes with Chalk Style Painting Sponges

Three Country Chic Paint Painting Sponges stacked

This set of three reusable applicator sponges is perfect for anyone looking to achieve a smooth, flawless finish on their painted furniture. Let’s dive into why these Canadian-made sponges are a must-have in your painting toolkit.

Here’s where Painting Sponges really shine:

  1. Furniture Painting: Whether you’re refinishing old furniture or giving new pieces a fresh coat of paint, our Painting Sponges are perfect for achieving a smooth, flawless finish. Their soft, absorbent texture ensures even paint application, minimizing streaks and brush marks for professional-looking results.
  2. Cabinet Makeovers: Transform your kitchen or bathroom cabinets with ease using our Painting Sponges. Their flat surface and ergonomic design make them ideal for painting cabinet doors, drawer fronts, and trim, ensuring thorough coverage and a seamless finish.
  3. Decorative Finishes: Add texture and depth to your painted surfaces with our Painting Sponges. Whether you’re creating a distressed, aged look or adding faux finishes like stippling or sponging, these sponges provide the versatility and control needed to achieve a variety of decorative effects.
  4. Stencil Work on Furniture: Elevate your furniture refinishing projects with our Painting Sponges. Perfect for stenciling intricate designs onto dressers, tables, and chairs, these sponges offer precise paint application, ensuring crisp edges and professional-looking results every time.
  5. Spindles and Legs: Tackle tricky areas like spindles and table legs with ease using our Painting Sponges. Their flexible design and ergonomic shape make them perfect for reaching tight spaces and intricate details, ensuring thorough coverage and a seamless finish on even the most challenging surfaces.
  6. Craft Projects: Get creative with your craft projects using our Painting Sponges. Whether you’re stenciling designs onto fabric, creating custom artwork on canvas, or embellishing paper crafts, these sponges offer precise paint application and easy cleanup for hassle-free crafting.
  7. Outdoor Furniture: Revitalize your outdoor furniture with our Painting Sponges. Their durable construction and weather-resistant properties make them perfect for applying paint to metal, wood, or wicker surfaces, ensuring long-lasting color and protection against the elements.
  8. Home Decor Accents: Add a personal touch to your home decor accents with our Painting Sponges. Whether you’re painting picture frames, planters, or decorative accessories, these sponges provide the perfect combination of precision and control for achieving professional-looking results on any surface.
  9. Artistic Projects: Explore new artistic techniques and experiment with mixed media using our Painting Sponges. Whether you’re blending colors, creating gradients, or adding texture to your artwork, these sponges offer endless possibilities for creative expression.
A Country Chic Paint Painting Sponge applying brown furniture glaze on a wood table top

What products can Painting Sponges be used with?

That’s a great question and we’re glad you asked, because Painting Sponges are a lot more diverse than you may realize!

You may have heard that thin paint coats are better than thick coats, but do you know why? In this video we’ll give you the full scoop and show you how easy it is when you use a Painting Sponge to apply your paint.

If you’ve ever tried to paint spindles on chairs or railings, you know how tedious it can be. But not with a Painting Sponge!

Watch this video to see how easy and fast it is to paint spindles with a sponge.

Key Features of Painting Sponges

  • Applies Paint Quickly and Smoothly: Perfect for a fast, even application that saves you time and effort.
  • No Brush Strokes: Achieve a flawless finish without the hassle of brush strokes.
  • Made in Canada: Proudly crafted in Canada, ensuring high-quality and reliable performance.
  • Reusable: Durable and easy to clean, these sponges are designed for repeated use, making them a cost-effective addition to your painting supplies.

Transform Your Furniture with a Wax Brush

The Country Chic Paint Wax Brush is designed specifically for applying furniture wax with precision and ease. If you’re looking to achieve a beautifully finished piece with minimal effort, this brush is an essential addition to your toolkit.

Effortless Wax Application – Our Wax Brush features dense, synthetic bristles that make it easy to apply the perfect amount of wax to all the nooks and crannies of your furniture. Whether you’re working on intricate details or large surfaces, this brush ensures even coverage and a smooth finish.

High-Quality Construction – Crafted with stiff, synthetic bristles and a well-formed handle, our Wax Brush offers both durability and comfort. The handle is designed for a comfortable grip, reducing hand fatigue during long waxing sessions.

Convenient Storage – Between uses, you can store your Wax Brush in a Ziploc bag to keep the wax from hardening. This simple storage solution helps maintain the brush’s shape and bristle integrity.

Simple Cleaning – To rejuvenate your Wax Brush, clean it with Country Chic Paint’s Brush Soap and warm water. This eco-friendly soap conditions the bristles, ensuring they remain in excellent condition for long-term use.

Here are some projects that are best suited for a Wax Brush:

  1. Furniture Waxing: This Wax Brush is ideal for applying furniture wax with precision and ease. Whether you’re sealing a freshly painted piece or restoring the luster of an older item, this brush ensures even application and a smooth finish, enhancing the beauty and durability of your furniture.
  2. Chalk-Style Painting Projects: Take your chalk painting projects to the next level with our Wax Brush. Designed to work seamlessly with chalk-style paints, this brush allows you to easily apply and buff wax finishes, achieving a beautiful matte or satin sheen that enhances the depth and richness of your colors.
  3. Sealing Decorative Finishes: Seal and protect decorative finishes like milk paint, mineral paint, and patinas with our Wax Brush. Its soft bristles and ergonomic handle make it easy to apply a thin, even coat of wax, locking in color and adding a subtle sheen that highlights the texture and character of your painted surfaces.
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Key Features of Wax Brushes

  • Perfect for Detail Work: The brush’s dense bristles are perfect for pushing wax into the nooks and crannies of your piece, ensuring thorough application.
  • Long-Lasting: Made with durable synthetic bristles that stand up to repeated use.
  • Comfortable Handle: Designed for a comfortable grip, making it easier to work on large projects without fatigue.
  • Ethically Made: Contains no animal products, aligning with ethical and cruelty-free standards.
  • Ideal Size: The 1.5″ diameter is perfect for versatile application on various furniture pieces.

Click here to see our full tutorial on furniture wax application with a wax brush.

How to Care For Your Paint Brushes

As you embark on your next painting or waxing project, remember that proper care and maintenance of your brushes are essential for achieving professional-quality results. That’s why we created our Brush Soap – the perfect companion for keeping your brushes in top condition.

Our Brush Soap is specially formulated with 100% natural ingredients, including pure peppermint essential oil, to cleanse and condition your brushes, ensuring they remain soft, pliable, and ready for your next DIY endeavor. With its eco-friendly and cruelty-free formulation, you can trust that our Brush Soap not only protects your brushes but also the environment.

Investing in high-quality paint brushes is an investment in your craft, and our Brush Soap helps prolong the lifespan of your brushes, ensuring they stay beautiful and reliable for many more projects to come. Plus, with its refreshing peppermint scent and gentle, plant-based formula free from harsh chemicals, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you’re using a product that’s safe for both you and the environment.

So, whether you’re refinishing furniture, creating art, or tackling decorative projects, make sure to include Brush Soap in your toolkit. With its cleaning and conditioning powers, it’s the secret ingredient to keeping your brushes in pristine condition and ready for whatever creative endeavor comes your way.

Key Features of Brush Soap

  • Cleans and conditions brushes so they last longer
  • Eco-friendly with 100% natural (and 75% organic) ingredients
  • Free from harsh chemicals and parabens so it’s safe on your hands and the environment
  • Scented with pure peppermint essential oil
  • Made from plant-based ingredients and not tested on animals
  • Made in the USA

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