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applying light blue paint with a round painting sponge to the top of a table

Why It’s a Good Idea To Paint Thin Coats

January 25, 2023
Author Country Chic Paint
In this video tutorial we'll show some tips you probably haven't thought of to make sure you get get great adhesion and durability with Country Chic Paint every time!

Watch this video to see company co-founder, Rosanne demonstrate why it’s always a better idea to paint two thin coats than one thick coat.

How thick should my paint coats be? | Getting Great Coverage and Adhesion with Country Chic Paint

Step 1) Start with a prepared piece

Why painting thin coats is a good idea

Make sure your piece has been properly cleaned before you begin painting, and give it a light sanding if necessary. If you’re not sure how to prep your piece, check out this tutorial on surface preparation.

Step 2) Apply one thin coat

We know how tempting it can be to try and get your project finished in just one coat, but painting thick coats can lead to peeling, cracking, and frustration! The thicker your paint is, the longer it will take to dry, and as a result it will not adhere as well to your surface.

Use a painting sponge or a synthetic bristle brush to apply one thin coat. If you find you tend to have a heavy hand, using a dense sponge is a great way to avoid applying your paint too thickly, and it will also create a nice, smooth finish with no brush strokes.

Hint: if you’re using a sponge, consider wearing a rubber glove. Our paint is not harmful for your skin, but this process can be a bit messy so wearing a glove will make cleanup a breeze!

Step 3) Apply a second coat

Since your first coat was nice and thin, it will dry in no time. Once it’s dry to the touch you can begin your second coat. You’ll be surprised how quickly the thin coats build up to a beautiful, opaque finish!

Step 4) Distress if desired

Use a fine grit sandpaper to distress the edges, corners, and raised details of your piece if you want it to have an antique or shabby-chic look.

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