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Color Your Summer: Outdoor Fabric Edition!

February 03, 2024
Author Brittney R

As the sun graces us with its warm embrace and the world comes alive in a symphony of colors, it’s time to dive into the enchanting season of summer. This is the moment to bask in the golden glow, feel the soft caress of a gentle breeze, and let the vibrant hues of nature inspire your creativity. Gather your brushes, select your favorite colors, and embark on a journey of self-expression. Transform mundane into extraordinary, and let the spirit of summer radiate through your creations. From repurposing furniture to crafting vibrant wall art, let your DIY projects be a reflection of the season’s warmth and the sheer delight of long, sun-drenched days.

Lets dive into the exciting realm of fabric painting, where every stroke becomes a brushstroke of self-expression. The best part? It’s incredibly fun and surprisingly easy! No need to be a seasoned artist – all you need is a touch of creativity and a dash of imagination.

Let the DIYing begin!

This simple and enjoyable DIY project allows you to express your unique style while adding a pop of color to your outdoor oasis. Follow these easy steps to create a one-of-a-kind outdoor pillowcase with a fun painted pattern. You’ll need the following materials

  1. Plain pillowcase (preferably outdoor or weather-resistant fabric)
  2. Favorite Country Chic Paint colors
  3. Artist paintbrush, Variety of sizes for detailing
  4. Painter’s tape
  5. Pencil
  6. Palette or disposable plate for mixing paint
  7. Cardboard or drop cloth to protect the surface

Start the project by using a pencil or light weight fabric marker to draw out your desired pattern and ensure your design is to your liking. You can choose to use painters tape to make an outline of your pattern to ensure the paint goes where you want it.

You’re now ready to start painting! Grab the best size artist brush for your pattern and gently paint on a layer of your chosen color. Be sure to wash your brush before switching to a new color

We suggest putting a piece of carboard inside the pillow case to separate the front from the back. Without the cardboard the paint may cause the two sides to stick together and create unwanted paint stains on the backside

Finalize your design and add on additional layers of paint as needed. If you used painters tape to outline your pattern, carefully peel off the tape in slow, swift motion. Allow your paint dry completely before stuffing a pillow into your newly designed pillow case.

Once the paint is fully dry, stuff the pillow and place it on your favorite lounge chair, inside or outside!

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